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Starting Point Website

Get the perfect website for small/medium sized business and new start-ups with a tighter budget. Your budget websites is based on pre-built website layouts that have been hand-crafted by award-winning web designers, following a pain-free, simple to follow process to produce your professional website in just a few weeks. For a fixed cost our UK based web designers will hand tailor these layouts and re-skin them to work for any business looking for a low-cost website.

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E-Commerce Website Design

Online shops to interactive applications that add depth to your business and engage your clients and customers. Unique for your business and fully bespoke, there’s no challenge we will shy away from so get in touch to discuss your requirements and goals.

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Aftercare Plans

We offer Aftercare Support Plans to ensure your website stays up-to-date, fresh and, most importantly, is available online without restriction. Aftercare includes time, every month, to help keep your business’ website updated or to advise and technical services such, as web hosting, and security features for your website. There are 3 Aftercare Plans available that start at just £35+VAT per month.

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Website Training

Getting a new website for your business can be daunting. One of the questions you’ll have is how can we update the website ourselves? Well, if you decide not to take advantage of our Website Aftercare services (or even if you do!) you may want to access the Content Management System (CMS) to make your own content updates. All of the websites we produce come with a CMS as part of the process (usually the World leading WordPress software). But we won’t just expect you to know what that is or how it works, which is why we offer Website Training to our clients. This consists of an on-site (or remote if preferred) workshop to demonstrate the website and train in the use of the CMS can be provided to designated staff members along with supporting documentation.

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29th April 2021

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