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5 common web design mistakes with damaging effects

Your website is arguably your most valuable marketing tool. It is an invaluable hub to gain new clients, establish relationships as well as building credibility and trust. Effective websites provide visitors with optimal user experience, and as a result a steady flow of leads and conversions. If your website isn’t achieving this for you then maybe its time to take a look at your web strategy, here are a few ways in which you could be going wrong.

Your website is not mobile friendly

The majority of your visitors are likely to view your site using their hand held device, if your website is not responsive they will find another website which is. Users seek optimal experience, so if your site isn’t mobile responsive, consider making this a priority.

Hidden or Lack of contact information

Clear contact information on your site really is imperative, it builds trust and confidence in your business. Lack of contact information doesn’t represent your business or customer service well, and you are likely to lose conversions due to this. Before a visitor becomes a conversion it is likely that they will want to contact you and if contact information is hidden or lacking, you risk losing a potential customer. A dedicated ‘Contact us’ page is satisfactory, but ideally you should have contact information in your footer, that way it is visible to your visitor on every page.

Bad navigation

A difficult navigation system on your site is an easy way to kill conversions. Visitors want the information they are seeking immediately, if this is proving difficult for them, their frustration will cause them to abandon your site.

Too much going on

Learn to appreciate the value of white space. Falling into the trap of cramming as much information  above the fold as you can on your site is a mistake easily made, but it’s one you should try to avoid. Too much going on is overwhelming for visitors, can cause confusion and will lead to them abandoning your site. Overuse of colour, images and text can also delay your site, another reason you could be loosing conversions. If you haven’t already, create a brand identity, stick to certain fonts, colour schemes and imagery. This will not only improve your web design, but also your perceived professionalism.

Poor Call to Action

This is arguably the biggest common web design mistake, and its a costly one at that. Optimal user experience will imperatively tell the customer what to do, where to go and how to feel, and this is how it gains conversions. A call to action is a compelling phrase used to command the visitor to take further action, and edge closer towards transitioning that visitor into a conversion. CTAs should be kept simple, and preferable in the style of a button.

If you require any further support or advice, please feel free to contact us here at Darren Langley Web Design, we have a team of designers who can advise you on the appropriate steps to take to ensure your site is working as well as it can for your business.

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