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Aftercare Support Packages

We offer Aftercare Support Packages to ensure your website stay up-to-date, fresh and, most importantly, is available online without restriction.

Aftercare includes time, every month, to help keep your business’ website up dated or to advise and consult on how you might want to grow your online presence.

Aftercare also includes technical services such, as web hosting, and security features for your website.

There are three Aftercare Packages available that start at just £29+VAT per month.

Base Plan

£29 per month

Small Tasks

15-minutes of small tasks per month may include updating a picture gallery with new images, or adding in a new page/template to your website or updating content to keep the site fresh.

Regular Website Backups

Frequent back-ups of your website to keep the latest version of  your site safe and stored in the cloud.

Restore a Back-up

Your website restored quickly if anything goes wrong.

Virus Protection

Daily security monitoring to keep any nasty virus’ out that could otherwise be downloaded by your visitors and cause infection in their computers.

Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited web space in the cloud and unlimited traffic, so there’s plenty of space for all your visitors to get in, along with a 99.99% up-time.

Domain Name Renewal

Optional domain name transfer or registration and on-going renewal.

Unlimited Number of Email Inboxes

Never run out of email addresses and inboxes each with 1GB capacity.


Premium Plan

£49 per month

All the benefits of Base Plan plus…

Additional Small Tasks

30 minutes in total per month.

Simple Secure Server Certificate (SSL)

Information users send you is encrypted and stops anyone from being able to understand it if intercepted. Plus Google loves SSL and having one can benefit your profile in search results.

WordPress Software Upgrades

Peace of mind that your site’s software is always updated to avoiding vulnerability to hackers.

WordPress Plugin Upgrades

Plug-ins are like software on your PC, if they aren’t up-to-date then they can be vulnerable to hackers.

Domain Name Privacy

Hide your personal details, name, address on most types of domain name which prevents against phishing scams or unwanted spam.


Webmaster Plan

£129 per month

All the benefits of Premium Plan plus…

Additional Tasks

2 hours in total per month.

Advanced Secure Server Certificate (SSL)

An advanced SSL certificate for encrypting personal details that are sent between the user and the server to avoid that data being intercepted by malicious third-parties. Especially important for e-commerce websites and web-based applications.

Hacker Prevention

Checks everyday if your site is Blacklisted which would stop customers from being able to access your site without an embarrassing warning sign.

Uptime Monitoring & Performance Scans

How much could it cost your business if your website is down? Monitoring your site every 5 minutes and reacting if there’s a problem to make sure your site is always available.

5x Premium Email Inboxes with 2GB capacity OR 1x Email Address of 10GB

Increase the amount of email and attachment you can send and receive with either five large mailboxes or one humongous mailbox!

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

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