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Aftercare Packages

We offer Aftercare Support Packages to ensure your website stays up-to-date, fresh and, most importantly, is available online without restriction.

Aftercare includes time, every month, to help keep your business’ website updated or to advise and technical services such, as web hosting, and security features for your website.

There are 3 Aftercare Packages available that start at just £35+VAT per month.


Base Plan

Prestige Plan

Webmaster Plan

£35 per month £65 per month £299 per month
Small Tasks ? 1 small task per month 3 small tasks per month Unlimited small tasks per month (subject to fair use policy)
Secure Server Certificate (SSL) ? Standard SSL Extended SSL Extended SSL
Regular Website Backups ? Included Included Included
Restore Back-ups ? Included Included Included
Virus Protection ? Included Included Included
Unlimited Managed Web Hosting ? Included Included Included
Domain Name Renewal ? Included Included Included
Unlimited Number of Email Inboxes ? Included Included Included
Extended Warranty ? Included Included Included
Visitor Information ? Not included Partial Full
Uptime Monitoring ? Not included Included Included
Software Updates ? Not included Included Included
Website Review ? Not included Annually Monthly
Basic SEO ? Not included Not included Included
Blog Articles ? Not included Not included Included


1) What is a Small Task?
A Small Task is time, around 15 minutes, that can be used to update the content or, sometimes, functionality of your website, such as updating a picture gallery with new images, or adding in a new page/template to your website or updating content to keep the site fresh.

2) Do Small Tasks roll over to the next month?
Unused minutes for Small Tasks can roll over for one month only, after that they are lost.

3) How do I pay for monthly Aftercare?
Aftercare is payable each month via Direct Debit. We will send you a very simple form to fill out to get you started with your Aftercare Plan.

4) If I have more than one website does Aftercare cover them all?
Aftercare plans operate as one Aftercare plan per website so if you had two website with us, it would require 2 Aftercare plans.

5) Is there a long contract?
Once you sign up to Aftercare you would be agreeing to 6 months Aftercare service.

6) How can I cancel?
You can cancel at any time after the initial 6 months, we just request 30 days’ notice via email. Also note that web hosting, domain name and secure server certificate fees may become due after the end of an Aftercare Plan.

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

“Darren is a hard-working and dedicated Web Designer who has great attention to detail and an admirable work-ethic.”

Joel Newman, Studio Manager, BSkyB 2nd January 2020