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Episode 35 – Post Pandemic

Darren is a panelist on the monthly podcast ‘A Funny Thing Called Business’ alongside business owners Kate Curry of The Curry Design Studio, Clare Whalley of Meta4 Business Coaching and former BBC WM Breakfast Show host Pete Morgan of Monkey Pants Productions.

Each month the panel discuss the funny side of running your own business.

Episode 35 –

In this episode Clare, Kate, Darren & Pete look back at how their businesses were affected by the global pandemic – and what is different now about being a business owner. You’ll hear: – Why it wasn’t all negative for certain businesses – What lessons you can take from the pandemic, as a business owner, and what to do differently if it ever happens again – Which member of the group developed a new appreciation for the online meeting! All of it, of course, delivered with a cheeky glint in the eye and a few nods to humour.

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“We now have a fully working, modern website that our staff and customers love!

Wayne Walsh, General Manager, Linklink Express 6th April 2021

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