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Episode 40 – Ask Me Anything – Kate Curry

Darren is a panelist on the monthly podcast ‘A Funny Thing Called Business’ alongside business owners Kate Curry of The Curry Design Studio, Clare Whalley of Meta4 Business Coaching and former BBC WM Breakfast Show host Pete Morgan of Monkey Pants Productions.

Each month the panel discuss the funny side of running your own business.

Episode 40 –

On this episode of MonkeyPants Productions, we sit down with Kate, the graphic designer and branding expert business owner of the group. Kate shares how to be successful in creative branding while emphasizing the importance of asking the right questions, understanding business growth, and processes. She stresses the need to visualize what the company represents and translate that into the brand’s colors, graphics, and overall essence. She believes that being oneself, even if it comes across as “bonkers,” is the best way to be creative and shares her graphic design superpower. Finally, Kate advises others to get a coach and shares her first-time experiences, including going on photo shoots for clients. It’s your chance to find out a little more about Kate Curry, while she faces questions from Clare, Darren and Pete! As always, there are plenty of laughs and lighter moments along the way!

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"We approached Darren ... we found him very easy to work with and he is obviously an expert in this field. We would definitely use his services again."

Mat Nation, Personalised Nation 2nd January 2020

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