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Why should you regularly backup your website?

November, 2015

So should you regularly backup your website? Obviously, the answer is yes and these are some of the reasons why:

  • Cyber Crime
    Unfortunately it is on the rise with an estimated 5.1m online fraud incidents and 2.5m cybercrime offences occurring for the first time in crime statistics. Even if your website seems secure, holes can appear in the code that leave exploitable vulnerabilities which the hackers are constantly searching for.
  • Server Failure~
    Technology is great…when it works! But when it fails it can be catastrophic. Should you experience server failure it can cause unnecessary downtime of your website which could cost you thousands of pounds of lost business. Amazon lost about $5 million in losses one Monday afternoon when the Seattle Company went down for just 40 minutes.  Having a copy of your website will enable it to be restored quickly and efficiently.
  • Upgrade in Confidence
    Most websites are built using a CMS (Content Management System) where there are a number of plugins and functions that need to be upgraded regularly. Sometimes complications can arise when undertaking an upgrade so it is important to have a copy of your website knowing you can revert back to the old version without the loss of data.

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