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“My business doesn’t need a website” Spoiler – yes it does!

September, 2019

Believe it or not, there are still many companies out there that have little to no digital footprint.

Are you one of them?

If you are then you’ve came across the right blog because we’re to look at why you need a website. 

No doubt you’ve thought of this before. After all, the internet has been ‘mainstream’ for decades now. It doesn’t really matter why you never opted for a website in the past, what matters is changing your mind in the present. 

If you’re on the fence about having a website developed for your business, these are the reasons why you do need one. 

You competitors are probably doing it

It is as simple as that.

There is a good chance – in fact, a really high chance – that your competitors have a website. So, why don’t you? By not having one you’re going to be losing business. 

Even if you won’t be actually selling anything through the site, it is still important to have one so people can check you out before they physical lift the phone or visit you in person. Which leads us onto…

Most people will search online before the visit a shop

76% of consumers in the UK will look online before they make a purchase. This is often just comparing prices and 41% will do their research on the internet first and then visit the shop to buy the item they are searching for.

If you aren’t online then you are missing out on a massive amount of business. 

Even simply listing your prices instead of having an online shopping facility will lead people to your door. Whether it is items or services you are selling, a consumer is far more likely to choose another company who has all the information listed on their website.

With a smart strategy you can compete with the bigger companies

This is the beauty of online marketing.

Depending on what market you operate in you might be competing with some big players who are making more money than you and have more resources and get more business as a result. Having a website and a solid digital strategy is one way in which small local businesses can complete with the big brands in their niche. 

Are you going to grow so much that you overtake them in the market just by having a website? Probably not but you will go a long way to picking up customers that would otherwise bypass you. With a digital presence and an effective digital marketing campaign you can start making a dent in their share of the market. 

Moral of the story? Your business needs a website 

It is pretty straightforward.

Even if you are a small local firm, having a website is important. Local search and local SEO are vital in today’s market and they let small businesses compete in an ever-challenging world. 

Many people think they only need a website if they are actually going to be selling products and services directly through it. While ecommerce is great, even just having the basic details about what you do, how to contact you and how to find your physical location can be the difference between bringing in new business and those consumers going to your competitors. 

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