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How to Use Testimonials Successfully

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to prove just how awesome you and your company are.

Maybe you have been trading for a while or you are a relatively new company, the reality is it doesn’t matter how many customers you’ve had as long as they have been happy with your service/product. Now what you need to ensure is that these happy customers start telling the rest of the world and the first place to start is by gaining testimonials from them.

Here are our tips on using testimonials successfully;

  • Don’t Fake It
    When you put testimonials onto your website be sure to include the person’s full name and company – otherwise Mr J Bloggs might sound a bit fake. Even better, link their name to their LinkedIn profile or get them to review you via a third-party such as Trust Pilot or Google.
  • YouTube It
    Even better still is a video testimonial. These enable the customer to get their personality across and also communicates that they must be extremely happy with the service/product or why else would they put themselves in front of a camera and microphone – not exactly everyone’s comfort zone!
  • Make a Case
    Consider adding case studies to your website that includes an outline of the work that was carried out and a quotation from the client. These are also a great way to communicate with prospect clients – simply get some of the case studies printed and leave them with the prospective customer to mull over with a cuppa.
  • Incorporate a Process
    Gaining testimonials should be part of your sales process. Either when a project is finished or at a suitable point on the relationship you should be asking if your customer would be happy to provide a testimonial. What’s the worst that can happen? They can of course say ‘No’ but if they do surely it is better for you to ask why than them to go and be negative to your potential customers!

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