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Importance of following up website enquiries

December, 2019

How many enquiries does your website receive?

Depending on what your business is and also how easy it is for someone to find your contact form on your site, you might get a lot of enquiries or you might get hardly any at all.

Whether or not you get many messages through your website or just a few, it is important to follow up on them.

We’re going to have a look at why this is. There are several reasons why you should respond to enquiries and not doing so can actually harm your business and your online reputation.

They can turn into conversions

The biggest reason that you should follow up with any website enquiries that you get is that they can turn into conversions.

The fact that someone has taken the time to write a message on your website means that they at least have some interest in what you are selling. OK, you might be getting a lot of spam but wade through it and you’ll eventually find legitimate queries.

Logging your enquiries is also very important because you can gather a lot of data. For example you can put website enquiries in three categories:

  • Those who are ready to make a purchase
  • Those sending a message but aren’t at the buying stage yet
  • Those who aren’t likely to be customers

With tools such as Google Analytics and even the messages themselves you will be able to see how someone came to your site and how they navigated through it. This can be vital for determining what marketing strategy works and what doesn’t

There is also the chance that the middle category ‘Those sending a message but aren’t at the buying stage yet’ can be converted if they are in two minds.

It’ll show that you are responsive

Everyone that contacts you via your website should get a follow up.

Well, that isn’t strictly true. You can ignore all the blatantly obvious spam emails that you probably receive on a regularly basis. However, every real and legitimate enquiry should receive a response.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily lead to a conversion, responding to each message you receive shows people that you care. It might be the case that that person has sent messages to several companies. Not responding means that you might lose that piece of business to any company.

At any rate, being responsive is important and it enhances the perception of your business and how it cares about its customers.

Importance of following up website enquiries

Your website is often the only way potential customers will interact with your business.

Failing to follow up on a website enquiry means that you may lose a sale. Optimising your enquiry form can also go a long way to making the follow up process easier and potentially leading to new business.

The people that interact with your website whether it is sending an enquiry or signing up to your newsletter have some interest in what you are selling. Not exploring a lead can cost you a sale so ensuring that all website enquiries are followed up on will help to maximise your potential business.

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