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The importance of brand identity

January, 2022

Your brand identity is your unique look which separates you apart from your competitors, its the collection of visual elements used to portray your brand message, values etc. In order to look professional and established, brand consistency is essential, in this blog we will explore the importance of a showcasing your brand identity online.

Make a good first impression

Strong branding can elevate a website, If you are a start up company it is essential you get your branding nailed before moving onto your website. Good, cohesive branding will represent your business positively, you will look professional, successful and reliable to new visitors. Poor branding will impact you negatively, and your visitors will leave and look elsewhere.

Stand out from competitors

Showcasing your brand identity online is important as it sets you apart from your competitors. Whilst it is very helpful as a web designer to know the sort of web designs you like, it can be detrimental to your own brand to simply copy a style. It is important to stay unique and create your own supporting graphic and visual elements. A great way to be unique is to create a pattern using an element of your logo, or to create bespoke icons influenced from your branding, use shapes found in your logo, just be clever about it!

Be recognised

Consistency is key within your brand identity. When designing your website ensure your fonts and colour selection are all matching your logo. The same principal stands for smaller decisions such as the style of your Call-to-actions. Think about the colour you will use, the shape of your buttons etc. Never make random decisions, they need to be informed and in keeping with your brand. Consistency across your marketing materials will promote brand recognition. When your viewer becomes familiar with your brand a level of trust is generated.

Good branding is essential in creating an impactful, successful website. Staying consistent throughout your marketing material builds recognition, confidence and trust between your business and the viewer. If you would like any further advice on how to successfully translate your brand online please get in touch.

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