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The importance of video on your website

Video has the power to reach a big group of people who would otherwise exit out of your website pretty quick. They say a picture tells a thousand words but video can do so much more. Find out why having video on your website is extremely important and how it can build your band online.

We have so much information at our fingertips that digesting this content can be incredibly difficult.

You can go from one website to the next in a matter of seconds and the emphasis for businesses now has to be on engagement. Just having a website with some text doesn’t engage and convert visitors anymore; you need to go beyond this to be successful.

A study of marketing professionals around the world found that 51% cited video as providing the best ROI and videos on social media have been shown to be shared a whopping 1200% more than images or simple text.

With this in mind, we are going to show you 3 reasons why video is imperative to have on your website.

#1 People engage better with video

Visitors are far more likely to engage with video content than basic text on a website.

The attention span of people who browse the internet is pretty short. If your website or landing page doesn’t instantly jump out at them then they will simply exit and go somewhere else.

“Video is a massive area of growth on websites. As people have become more savvy with the web they require different and engaging ways to get messages across and videos serves this need extremely well. Video can help a potential client or customer gain a positive first impression of your business and explain exactly what your products and services are.”

Phil Arkinsall, Ark Media

Video provides something that text can’t. It helps people to visualise your products or services and it offers a much more effective way for visitors to engage with your website. The first few seconds are crucial to either keeping a visitor or losing them and video boosts your chances of people staying on your site for longer.

#2 It grows your brand and builds trust

The general public are becoming much more aware about scams online. It is big news these days and there is an element of distrust especially around new websites or companies that are just beginning their internet adventure.

Video can massively build trust and allow people to know that you are genuine. It can be a great way to get your brand out there in a fun, straightforward but effective way.

“If you’re a new business operating mainly online, without a physical presence like a shop, then building trust can be tricky. With so many new businesses popping up on the web all the time, clients can struggle to tell the difference between a genuine company and a scam. Video solves this problem. A simple interview with you or your staff shows potential clients that you’re a real person with a real premises, something that can’t be taken for granted nowadays.”

Benjamin Kalsi, Creative Director, Bear Kap Video Production

In fact, 65% of consumers said that they have a bought a product after watching a branded video online.

#3 Video boosts SEO too

Search Engine Optimisation is constantly evolving however one thing has remained fairly consistent – video can improve your SEO efforts.

One of the ranking factors is how long visitors stay on your website. 88% of website visitors will stay longer if there is a prominent video present.

“Video is a key attribute to any website, whatever the nature of business. Having a video on a website not only introduces your business and services to a wider audience, but also improves the visibility of a website with better SEO results. People browsing the Internet have a short attention span, and videos allow visitors to consume more content, faster.”

Paul Bridges

Search engines favour video results too as it makes content easier for users to digest and is of better quality than text. A study found that a webpage with video was 53x likelier to ranker higher than a webpage without video.

The importance of video on your website

The way in which businesses are marketed online and how they grow their internet presence changes frequently however video has remained a staple of any marketing strategy.

It was effective 10 years ago and it is effective now.

It is a no brainer to use video to grow your business and with video you can provide a more engagement website experience, boost your search engine rankings, grow your traffic and make more sales too.

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