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Is It Time For A Change?

April, 2017

Is it time for a change?

Whether you decide to give your home a fresh lick of paint, or embark upon a makeover for yourself, every so often it pays to make a change. People start commenting, standing back and taking notice and you start to feel good about yourself. So why should your website be any different! After all it is not only there to promote your products or services and to be used as a short listing tool, but it creates a brand image for your company.

Dated, clunky and unresponsive websites will only create a negative impact on a visitor’s’ experience and they will soon be Googling off onto a competitor instead. So how often should you look to get a new website? It all depends of course on the complexity of the website and the investment and time that is required, but every 2-3 years is ideal.

With the constant changes in Google’s algorithms affecting how your website is scored and the advancements in design capability a website can soon become outdated. Clients and consumers are beginning to demand more and more from websites and with a plethora of search results to choose from you need to ensure that your website entices and engages and this can be achieved by regularly investing in a new website.

The great news is that we offer a free website review to determine how effective your website is and give you the information to decide if a new website could drive more traffic to your site and ultimately increase revenue.

Why not take us up on the offer simply call us on 0121 728 8168 or drop us an email at hello@darrenlangley.com.

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“Darren is very quick to understand the online Brand and is an expert on consumer-facing sites. I highly recommend.”

Roy Kee Son, Director, Internet Product Development, Metro International 2nd January 2020

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