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Is Your Website Secretly Working Against You?

As you sit back and admire your website with its impactful images, scrolling header bar and carefully scripted content you may want to take a moment to consider if the website is actually working for you or against you! Regardless of how much the website may have cost your business, if it is not creating new sales or enquiries it is pretty much worthless.

We look at four reasons why your website may not be working as well as it could for your business and what you can do to fix it:

1) It Doesn’t Cater for Your Visitors Needs

It’s easy to get swept away with designing a new website, focusing on how ‘attractive it will look’ whilst forgetting the main purpose for creating one in the first place. Lost amongst all the pretty images and drop down menus is the information that your customers are seeking. In fact research conducted by HubSpot found that 76% of customers want a website that makes it easy to locate what they are searching for. So the solution is simple….just help them find what they are looking for. Review your customer journey and see it from their perspective, what do you see? Cluttered pages, small text, too many images, no natural journey or are you becoming gradually bored with the content!

2) Website Doesn’t Capture Lead Information

Great, you have a steady stream of visitors to your website….but they come and then they go without a trace. You did the hard part, you got them there in the first place, but you let them leave and not only did you let them leave, you never even got their name.

Find a way of capturing lead information either through investing in software like Lead Forensics or by offering an EBook, webinar or maybe a competition to persuade them to impart with their personal details.

3) You’re Not Blogging or Not Doing it Well

Often underestimated blogs are one of the most powerful ways to bring a visitor to a website. Providing educational and informative content will not only position you as an opinion leader within your sector but encourage visitors to engage and interact with your business and potentially share your content via social media.

4) SEO Failure

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t as hard as most will think and can be achieved relatively easy. Through regular blogging, changing content on your webpages and creating back links to your website you’ll soon be ranking high on Google and getting ahead of your competition.

What to do?

None of the issues discussed above are difficult to fix but they can take time and a certain amount of effort. If you are still unsure of how to get your website working for you, consider giving us a  call on 0121 728 8168 or email hello@darrenlangley.com where we will be able to assist you.

Remember, if your website doesn’t work for you chances are it’s not working for your visitors and if it doesn’t work for your visitors than you are losing potential business.

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YMCA Sutton Coldfield 2nd January 2020

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