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How to Market Like a Rockstar

May, 2018

By Judith Hutchinson

This article will not encourage you to throw your TV out of your hotel window, but it will show you how to market your business like a Rockstar…

1. Be Legendary

Not all great rockstars created great music. But all great rockstars have personality.  What they stood for, their message and how they made their fans feel made them legends (as well as the music).  How can you make your business legendary?  Create a brand that means something to the market, something that is different, that stands out.  Have a personality.

2. Get Discovered

Imagine if the likes of Elvis, The Rolling Stones, U2 and Oasis had hidden in their bedrooms not sharing their music with the World.   You need to make your business discoverable.  How can you best share your products or services with as many fans as possible?

3. Engage with your fans

The first thing any Rockstar does when they win an award is to thank the fans.  Without fans, a Rockstar is….not a rockstar.  Without customers, your business won’t exist.  Put on live events, talk to your clients in person, over the phone, on social media.  Use your social channels to give them a backstage pass to your business and show them what happens behind the scenes.  Make them feel special.  And it goes without saying that your key customers are your superfans.  Use your superfans to help you spread the word and grow your fanbase.

4. Don’t forget the extras

Even back in the day, it was never just about the music.  It was about the live tours, the posters, the T-Shirts, the merchandise. As well as the music sales.  How can you upsell and/or down-sell to your customers?  Can you diversify what you offer and make more money?

5. Get good backing

Imagine where the Beatles would have ended up without Epstein.  You need to know what you’re best at and recruit people to fill the gaps.  If you’re great on the financial side of your business but the marketing gets left behind then you need to get some backing and someone to manage this for you.

Judith Hutchinson is a marketing consultant and founder of the Accessible Marketing Academy – an online coaching programme focussed on growing your business with great marketing.  Judith has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them market like rock stars

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