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Maybe it’s Time to Give Something Away for FREE

November, 2016

Everyone loves the word FREE and it most certainly gets people’s attention. But, as we all know, there is no such thing as FREE, there is always ultimately a catch lurking somewhere behind that all too ‘good to be true’ offer. But what if all they were asking for was a contact email and name, would that be a good enough lure you to get something for ‘FREE’?

Many business owners will spend days and months building up a prospect contact list by trawling through websites, social media and attending networking events. However, if you are a specialist or expert in a particular sector then why not use this to your advantage to develop such a list.

So how do you this?


Maybe you are an accountant and have a wealth of financial information that you could share with readers in the form of an e-book. This could contain interesting articles on preparing for your tax return, how to understand dividends, what expenses are tax deductible etc.  In order for viewers to be able to see the content they have to enter their personal details in an online capture form. Once they do this they can continue to download the information and in return you have the details of a prospective client. Bingo!


Have you ever considered imparting your knowledge onto others via an online video? Webinars are becoming popular due to peoples’ hectic schedules as they enable people to train and learn whilst at their desk at work. By putting together either a one off or a series of mini webinars you can get your prospective clients to sign up for FREE to view the content in exchange for their contact data.

Newsletter Subscriptions

This is a simple solution and many businesses already encourage website visitors to sign up their newsletter. By sending a quarterly or monthly e-newsletter full of interesting articles, projects and product/service updates it provides you with the opportunity to communicate regularly with your potential customers all in exchange for a few personal contact details.

So as you can see, it can simply be a relatively easy exchange of data that can make it feel as if a potential customer is getting something for FREE!

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