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Privacy Policy: Do I really need one?

May, 2016

Many website owners are unaware of the need to have a privacy policy or even know what it actually is. So let’s make this simple; if you have a website which collects and processes personal information then you need one!

The method of collecting this data may not always seem obvious. You might innocently think that you don’t collect data at all, but if you have a contact form, newsletter sign up or require people to provide purchasing information then you are in fact collecting data.

Did you also know that having a Privacy Policy on your website is a legal requirement? Well it is!

So what does a Privacy Policy need to include?

  • Details of any personal information collected via the website
  • Information regarding cookies that are used by the website
  • Details of how the personal information captured will be used
  • How personal information may be disclosed to third parties and in which specific situations
  • Information about extra-EEA transfers of personal data
  • Information regarding data security

If you are still thinking of delaying adding that Privacy Policy we suggest you think again. Google likes trustworthy sites and if you don’t have one, guess what? Yes you guessed it, your site is going to start falling down the rankings as it will be seen as being untrustworthy.

Most privacy policies will appear on the footer of a website and will be accessible via a link that will take you to a separate page that is not part of the main website navigation. If you need more information regarding including a privacy policy on your website simply contact us and we will be on hand to assist you.

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