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Why A Secure Certificate Is Vital For Your Website & Business

Protecting your own privacy online and keeping the details of your clients and customers safe is more important now with the up-coming changes to the law and introduction of GDPR data regulations.

To build trust in your business, your website needs to be secure for everyone that accesses it particularly if they are entering their personal details. That’s always been true, of course, but why has it now become vital to ensure that your site is not only secure but also gives confidence of its security to your visitors?

Warnings for Non-Secured Websites

That is because the latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser alerts users when they visit a web page that collect personal data such as usernames, passwords or email addresses but that don’t have a website SSL (aka a Secure Certificate). The warning states that the website is ‘Not Secure’ which could damage credibility and trust for many website visitors if they think the information they are submitting could be susceptible to being stolen.

Google talked about the importance of having a website secure certificate 3 years ago however 2017 is the year that this has really come in to prominence. An SSL is when you see a padlock next to the website address in the web browser and the web address starts with https, instead of just http.

77% of website visitors described themselves as concerned about their data and details being intercepted online and having your site secured can be a big indicator of trust in your business.

Other web browsers are following this lead and we are soon likely to see more severe warnings when forms are detected on non-SSL secured websites, even it they are only asking for basic personal information such as a name.

Secure Certificates Improves Search Rankings

Making your visitors feel secure on your website and happy to input their details isn’t the only reason why having a secure certificate is important.

Indications are that it actually impacts on your search engine ranking too. Neil Patel conducted substantial research into this in 2014 and concluded that it did have a limited effect however in 2017 it is becoming more vital towards climbing up the Google Rankings. The reasoning being that Google can see time and effort has been invested in SSL websites and this means they are less likely to be untrustworthy sources for Google search audience.

So, having a secure certificate is now an important part of any SEO strategy.

How to Get Secure in 2017

If your website isn’t encrypted and you don’t have the green padlock showing then you are a risk of losing visitors, customers and causing a negative impact to your business.

Secure Certificates can range in cost depending on the level of security required but basic customised SSL certificates can be as little as £79+VAT per year. If we host your website we can assist you in ordering and setting up your SSL certificate to ensure you make the most of your website and build the trust to keep your clients happy.

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