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How to choose an SEO company

February, 2021

SEO is the means of getting your website to a higher Google ranking. It’s a great way to generate ever-green traffic to your website and enquiries for your business. Putting your web presence in the hands of an SEO agency however, is a tough thing to do. It is also a very overwhelming thing to do. SEO agencies are everywhere, so how do you find the most suited SEO company for you?

1. It starts with you

Define your destination. In order to find the perfect SEO agency for you, you first need to know what you actually want to gain from using an SEO agency. What are your goals? Where do you want your business to be? What are you hoping to get out of using an SEO agency? All are vitally important in your search for the perfect SEO agency for your business.

2. Look at the agency’s past performance

Do your research! Have a look through agencies case studies, check to see if they have won any awards, and definitely take a look at their client testimonials. If you know any past clients, utilise this, ask them any questions you may have.

3. Set up a meeting

If an agencies portfolio impresses you, arrange a meeting. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to query their experience, ask about client results, and importantly discuss costings. As mentioned earlier you need to know your desired outcomes so be vocal during this meeting. Your goals determine the tactics and SEO strategies required, and this can have an effect on the price of this service.

4. Don’t be a cheap stake

Talking of costs, do not immediately choose the cheapest agency you find. SEO is often a case of you get what you pay for. Low rates tend to mirror poor performance and often black-hat tactics. SEO isn’t an immediate return, it can often take 3 months to start seeing a benefit. It’s important to be patient. If an agency promises results during this time, it is likely they will be using black-hat, very unethical strategies. Whilst these tactics can quickly improve your ranking, this is temporary and your ranking will quickly decrease, or even worse, Google could ban your website. This is most definitely a risk not worth taking.

To conclude, SEO is undoubtably a worth while investment, it provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to grow brand awareness, expand your business and gain exposure. For this reason, choosing an SEO agency should never be a decision taken lightly, but with these tips hopefully you now have a greater idea how to streamline down your search.

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