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Signs your website is due a redesign

June, 2019

Things change so fast.

This is true for life in general however when it comes to the internet what is trendy and cutting edge today might be out of date in one years’ time.

OK, you don’t need to revamp your website every single year however when you consider how much web design has evolved it is a good idea to revisit your site to see if a change is needed.

There are some things you can look out for to see if you should consider a new website.

Signs your website is due a redesign

Here are 3 things you should look into to see if it’s time to contact a web designer.

#1 Loading times are outrageous

No-one wants to wait around for ages for a page to load.

How many times have you simply hit the back button when a site is loading slowly? In fact, the chances of bounce on your site increase by 90% if it takes 5 or more seconds to load. 5 seconds!

There is a lot of debate out there about how long your site should take to load. As a good rule, aim for under 5 seconds. The loading speed can also impact on SEO so test it regularly to make sure something isn’t causing it to slow down.

#2 It isn’t mobile friendly

It’s 2019, seriously, every page should be mobile friendly by now.

Not having a responsive design that changes the page to a mobile friendly version when you access it on a Smartphone or tablet will cause you to lose many more visitors than simply having a slow loading speed. Like your loading times, having a mobile friendly site also means you can boost your SEO.

If you aren’t sure how well your site performs on a mobile device then you have two options. Pick up your smartphone and try yourself or use Google’s mobile Friendly tool.

#3 It just looks… old

Finally, another reason why your website might need a redesign is that it just appears out of date.

When was the last time you had a change in your site design? 2016? You might be OK. 2006? You definitely need a web designer to take a look at it.

It might not even be the case that your website has an old design but the nature of your business might have changed. You might have grown or branched out into new areas and your website needs to reflect that.

Many people sit on their site for years because they don’t think it needs to be changed. While you may still be getting business from it the potential to bring in even more customers, clients or fulfil whatever online goals you strive for can be massively improved with a website redesign.

Getting a new site isn’t as expensive as you might think it is. Not only will it improve user experience and your search rankings but it can bring in a whole new era for your business.

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