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Small Tasks Make a Big Difference

As a business every penny counts especially if you are a small business owner. However, many also understand that in order to get the business off to the best start some kind of investment is required. Most businesses will start with investing in a website in order to showcase the company’s offering and to demonstrate credibility amongst their peers and target audience.

As you pass over your precious cash in order to get your website built by a professional web designer you feel an air of excitement and anticipation with regard to what the end result will look like. You are relieved at the end of process as you see your finished website in all its glory and happily sign off the project.

But, oh no you realise that you wanted to add in another link or logo into the footer, can’t quite fathom out how to add that news article onto your blog page or you notice that some of the content is out of date and not sure how to edit it.

Web designers will often charge you for every change they make to a website (afterall it is time that they could be using to gain more work), but not if you opted for our Aftercare Package. Three levels are available which include from 1 to 6 x 15 minute tasks a month as well as an array of other added support services starting from £29 per month providing you with peace of mind that you know what you will be paying out each month – no hidden extras.

For more information on how we can help you simply call us on 0121 728 8168 or drop us an email at hello@darrenlangley.com.

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"I've recommended Darren to a few of my clients ... He always offers a great service, knows his stuff and fab value for money."

Katie Hale, Halestorm Marketing 2nd January 2020

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