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What makes a great landing page?

A landing page is a standalone page, visited by a person after clicking through from an advert, or email for example. The purpose of utilising a landing page is to encourage your viewer to take an action, wether it be making a purchase, or signing up to a new offer. Therefore it is essential your landing page works effectively, read on for some tips on how to make your landing page great.


Keep it simple. Avoid clutter, and unnecessary information which may overwhelm your visitor. Be specific and concise with the information you chose to share. Also make it visual, add images or icons, don’t go too text heavy, your visitor is unlikely to read all this. Make headings punchy to catch attention, be selective and interesting with your choice of words.

Clear CTAs

Call-to-actions are arguably the most important element of a landing page, this is where a visitor turns into a conversion. For that reason it is vitally important that they are clear to the visitor. Ensure your button style encourages the viewer to click, make it easy for them. Make sure there is a strong contrast in colour between your webpage background and your button colour.


You want to make the best impression possible on your viewer, and what better way to ensure this, than including a great testimonial from an existing client. Not only will this impress, it also increases your authenticity, and can help you stand apart from competitors. Trust badges are also a great tool to use on your landing page to create an element of trust between your business and your visiter. Include logos of any well known brands you have worked with, or any recognitions you have received, this endorses your level of skill and professionalism.

Hero Image

A hero image is the banner at the top of a site below the navigation, often featuring photography and a headline. This poses as a great opportunity to showcase a new offer to immediately capture attention and entice the viewer to scroll down. 

Make it mobile friendly

As mentioned in previous blogs, it has become essential to make webpages mobile friendly due to an increase in people visiting through a mobile device. If your site isn’t, your visiter will become frustrated, lose interest and click off. Make sure you don’t lose any conversions by ensuring your site is easy to navigate, clear and fast loading on mobiles.

If you need any further advice or assistance on creating a successful landing page please contact us for further assistance.

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