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The Hottest New Web Design Trends

Changes in technology advance fast, and along with this web design trends. Trends evolve with these advances, and it’s important to keep on top of them to keep your site looking fresh. If you ignore these trends, your site risks looking outdated, and consequentially your business risks losing conversions. Fortunately we are on hand to keep you up to date with the latest trends you should explore.


A parallax is an optical illusion which causes objects near the viewer to move faster or further away as they scroll down the web page, they are a great way to add depth to a site. This certainly isn’t a new trend, but popularity has definitely risen over 2021. It’s important to find the sweet spot with using a parallax, use them sparingly and keep movement down to a minimum, to ensure you do not distract from important information. A parallax should enhance your site, not distract. 

3D visuals

3D visuals are everywhere, whether that be through image use, illustrations, or icons, adding a 3D element to your site, really lifts the design, bringing your site to life. Similarly, cartoon illustrations are also becoming a hugely popular way to inject life, and add personality to web designs. Cartoon Illustrations are a great way to add some creativity to your brand, and uniqueness to your site, it can set you apart from the generic, bland stock imagery used across many other sites.


Websites now utilise text, imagery, video and sound to create a greater experience for the viewer. Similar to using illustrations, video allows your site to rely less on text alone, adding in a multimedia element is sure to grab your users attention, and enhance their experience. Don’t go overboard with this though, keep it simple and to a minimum. 

Bold font

A big trend in typography across sites this year is the use of heavy, bold weights. This captures attention immediately so is a great tool to use to pick out key information across your site. Make sure you are utilising white space too, don’t cram your site full of bold headlines, keep it minimal, modern and allow text to breathe.


That brings me onto our next big trend, which is minimalism. Simplicity should never be overlooked. Minimalism ensures your user consumes key information, they aren’t distracted. To keep your site minimal, stick to a limited colour palette, in line with your brand. Keep text down to a minimum, be concise. Consider an icon instead of a big chunk of text, or a video which can visualise and bring to life a paragraph of text.

To explore ways in which you can elevate the level of visual communication on your site, to generate increased engagement or for a general site refresh, contact our award winning team. 

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