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The Importance of Fresh Content

November, 2015

As you step back with a sigh of contentment and look at your shining new website all probably think to yourself the hard work has finally paid off. You now have a great marketing tool for your prospective customers to find you and check you out. Time to take a well-earned break!

Well of course you can if you want to, but one of the most common mistakes companies make is to not feed their website in order for it to grow. Websites are all about content and this means constantly adding and updating to provide new content. Visitors expect more these days and want to see and learn new things every time they land on your website. Afterall, if you don’t give them a reason to return, why would they?

So why update your content?

  • It’s all about the SEO
    Simply put search engines are there to help people to find what they are looking for easily and quickly. If you update your website often with new and relevant content, then search engines identify that your website is a consistent source of new information and reward you for it. Points are awarded to your website which enables it to gradually move up the listings in the search results, thus bringing more traffic to your website. Simples!
  • The Boomerang Effect
    Ask yourself the question, if I came and visited your site today, and then came back next month and the month after would anything of changed? If the answer is no then you should be thinking about adding new content. If you bought a copy of a magazine and the following month it had the same articles and the month after that – how long would you continue purchasing that magazine? Your website is no different. Give your visitors a reason to return, and often.
  • Big Brother is watching
    Marketing activity is notoriously difficult to measure, but that’s the beauty of online activity – it can be measured! Via Google Analytics or your own CMS system you can see what content is being read and how visitors are navigating your website. This information is invaluable when it comes to understanding what content is attracting and engaging visitors. By tracking the effect on performance you can make changes that create a positive effect.

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