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The rise of the aftercare plan

Website aftercare is an ongoing agreement between a company and a web agency, that dedicates an agreed amount of time spent per month on that clients project. Aftercare can cover jobs ranging from maintenance, technical support through to content updates. It’s important to remember that even the most beautifully designed websites are pretty useless if left abandoned after launch. It’s vital you keep on top of such jobs to ensure a functional online presence. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider an aftercare plan.

Cost effective and time saving

Usually an agency will work on a fixed rate retainer, which proves very cost effective, particularly as unused time can also be rolled over to the following month, meaning you are never missing out. When compared to hiring a web designer freelance or in-house, an aftercare plan is a much more cost efficient option, especially if you are a small business. Your web presence should always grow with your business, so dedicating time each month to evolve and update your site will prove massively beneficial.

An extension to your team

Due to the ongoing relationship between you and your web agency, a strong partnership will be formed, meaning the agency will have a greater understanding of your business, and your business goals which will allow the designer to tailor certain projects to get results that will benefit your business.

Your web agency will become an extension to your team, making project briefing a breeze, often resulting in a speedy turnaround!

Gain and utilise customer feedback

Use this monthly time to gain any feedback on the performance of your site, collect and analyse data in order to optimise your site, and funnel visitors in the correct locations. Aftercare time is perfect to keep your site performing optimally, serving its purpose and getting you conversions!

Stay Safe

Bugs and updates are uncontrollable, and unpredictable, aftercare will help you keep your site secure and ensure your plugins are up to date. WordPress in particular has regular new releases in which performance is improved as well as features enhanced. An aftercare plan will ensure your web agency can keep on top go this, in turn maximising your sites functionality.


Why not use your web retainer for KPIs? For example if you have a three month goal to increase lead generations, your web agency can make the relevant changes to your site which could secure those extra leads. Wether it be by rejigging information, or adding in more CTAs where appropriate, your web agency can take care of this.

If you aren’t yet sold on the value of an aftercare plan or if you have any questions on how best to manage your website, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our award winning team here at Darren Langley Web Design will be on hand to offer any assistance.

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