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Thinking of Writing Your Own Website Content? Read This First…

December, 2017

So, you have paid for a professional looking website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and your visitors will love. It’s a shame that the content doesn’t match the quality of the design, isn’t it?

This is a problem that lots of website owners are faced with. Whether it is a company website or a personal business, creating great content is vital to the success of your site and your presence online.

Let’s look at why you should remove yourself from the writing process for your website and instead hire a professional that produces content on a daily basis.

Copywriters Know How To Sell

What is the point of your website? To sell a specific product? To promote a service?

Every website has a purpose and whether you are trying to push your latest product or showcase how great your service is to new customers, you need good copy to achieve this. A professional copywriter knows how to get results from the copy that they produce and they tailor it to your specific needs and the objective of your business.

Rather than creating badly written, poorly formatted or typo filled content, get a professional to help as the results will be worth the cost.

SEO Trends Are Constantly Changing

Another reason that you shouldn’t create the content for your site by yourself is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Since Google Panda and Penguin were rolled the emphasis on producing quality optimised content is higher than ever. A professional creating your website copy will know how to optimise it effectively with natural long tail keywords, quality links, heading tags, alt tags and other aspects of technical SEO.

Even if you can write well you might not have the technical knowledge to allow your site to be picked up by search engines and rank high for your targeted keywords.

You Need An Objective Opinion

Finally, as the owner of the website you won’t be as objective as hiring an outsider in to help.

What you think works with the content might not from a technical standpoint. Oftentimes people get protective over their website and the content even if it isn’t very good.

No-one wants to be told that their work isn’t up to scratch however having an objective opinion from someone whose job it is to ensure that your site is successful is the best way to have content that gets results.

Why Your Website Content Matters

There is no point in having a state of the art website with a fantastic design that is being held back by poor content.

Spelling errors, keyword stuffing, poor technical SEO (or none at all) and endless paragraphs when just a few lines will do are all things that will hold your site back. The reputation of your business and its online presence is at risk if you have low quality content on your site and Google penalises poor content hard.

Even though hiring a copyrighter may seem like an unnecessary expense the ROI that you will achieve is well worth it both for the professionalism of your site and the future of your business online.

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