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Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Contact Forms

September, 2016

No doubt one of the aims of your website is for the visitor to get in contact with you to either request more information, make a query or to book something. If you get them to this point you most certainly do not want a contact form that creates a barrier to achieving this aim.

Like the rest of your website it needs to be designed with some thought that will complement the overall visitor experience. Here are our dos and don’ts when it comes to that all important contact form.

1) Keep it Relevant

Consider the purpose and what information you really need from your visitors. Grab a piece of paper and think of the different fields you think you’ll need. Make the fields easy to complete and decide which ones are not required but are ‘nice to have’. Maybe consider a drop down menu so that they can choose the reason for using the form making it simpler to define their reasons for contacting you.

2) Add an automated ‘Thank You’ Message

How many times have you completed and submitted a contact form to find yourself wondering if it has actually been sent? There on the screen in front of you is the originally blank contact form and you question yourself as to whether you actually completed it in the first place. Simply add an automated message that thanks the visitor for their enquiry and someone will be in touch shortly.

3) Offer alternative contact methods

Not everyone likes contact forms, so ensure that you offer an alternative way for your visitors to contact you. This could be either by email, phone or even via social media.

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