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What is Google remarketing?

November, 2021

Remarketing is a powerful retargeting technique used to remind a customer about a product or service they may have recently viewed, once they have left your site. To summarise, they are image ads which pop up on sites as you browse the internet. The sites these ads feature on have signed up to host Google display ads, as you browse the internet.

So why should you consider a Google ad campaign?

Customise ad design

You have full control over how your campaign will look, ensuring all ads align with your current branding. The ad builder tool is very user friendly, allowing you to chose the layout, colour, and content. You can use stock or your own imagery, and the ads update in minutes. If design isn’t your forte we can help here at Darren Langley web design.

Target specific

Google recommend that your initial campaign targets people who have visited your homepage, this targets a broader audience. For a more specified targeted approach, you can target viewers of a specific page, this will allow your ad to be more specific too, increasing ad relevance, and also lowering your cost per click.

To create a campaign, you will need to have a Google Ads account. You will be assigned a tag to place on your web pages, this will then collect data from your visitors. The information which the tag collects can also be targeted to a certain user profile, such as mailing list sign up, or a user who has visited a certain page.

You may wish to target people who didn’t take a certain action on a page, or maybe people who reached a certain page but then didn’t convert, or you may wish to create a campaign for people who did not view a certain page.

Brand recognition

Whilst remarking is a useful tool to target and entice back lost leads, ads are also a great way of gaining exposure and reminding your visiter of your service, building brand awareness.

Cost effective

The biggest benefit of using such ads is that you only have to pay if that ad is clicked on, this is why your viewer can see your ad multiple times before clicking on it, and you would not have to pay until they take action.

Track analytics

Google analytics allows you to add tracking codes to your Google Ad campaigns, this allows you to track the performance of your campaigns. You can then invest more in the channels performing best.

To conclude, we would encourage every business to consider a remarking campaign. Consider your goals, your audience and what the aims of your campaign are, your first campaign may not be the most successful, but with some testing and analysis, you will soon find which approach works best for your business, increasing conversions.

If you would like any advice or some assistance with running a campaign, please contact us here at Darren Langley web design, we would be happy to help assist you in achieving your goals.

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