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5 steps to create a landing page that sells your business

So you’ve managed to get traffic to your landing page, now to convert those visitors into lucrative leads. In order to create a successful landing page which will generate conversions at a high rate, there are many steps you should be considering.

A headline that grabs, and holds, attention.

The headline is the first thing your visitor will see, if it’s not strong enough, they will lose interest and you’ve lost a potential customer, so make it powerful, creative and compelling.  An effective headline will clearly state the offer or service available.  A subheading will then further elaborate the offer, make it persuasive!


Keep your landing page fuss free and direct, think minimalism. Do not overwhelm and confuse things by adding social media links and a detailed navigation, this will just work against you by taking attention away from your landing page, and in turn increase your bounce rate. The same goes for your landing page design, use a neutral background colour, plenty of white space, with calls-to-action and key elements as focal points in bright colours. Provide the essential information and ensure it is of a high quality, you want to generate trust between your business and your potential customer.

Include trust signals

A trust signal is an indication to any potential customers that you are a trustworthy brand. A trust signal can be in the form of a testimonial, or trust badges such as logos of any clients you have worked with. Both endorse your business positively, and reassure your visitor. Another option would be to show people social proof, display the number of likes, shares, subscribers, tweets etc. that your business has, this all helps your business look legitimate and trustworthy.

Call to action

Alongside a powerful headline, this is the best way to improve your conversion rate. The best calls-to-actions are clear and clickable.  Be direct, instructions such as ‘buy now’ or ‘contact us’ work well, make sure your sticking to 5 words max if possible. Place call-to-actions throughout your landing page, make it easy for your visitor to become a customer. Consider colour and placement, Ideally use bright attention grabbing colours, and place them above the fold.

Contact information

Having your phone number, address, and email address clearly displayed will clarify your business is genuine. If a visitor is hesitant about buying a service, your contact details act as a back up. Instead of losing that customer completely, they can contact you and enquire. Alternatively, a contact form, or a live chat are good options.

To conclude, be concise and direct. Test your landing page, and analyse those results to see how it is performing, work on your pitfalls, adapt and refine those to achieve those conversions. A landing page is an optimal opportunity to make sales and meet revenue targets, put the effort in to get it right.

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